Kinokuniya Indonesia

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions by our webpage visitors and customers.


1. QUESTION: I am commenting with a list of books I want to buy. Here is the list. Can I order them?

ANSWER: Instead of commenting in this web page with a list of books that you want to buy, please direct all your book inquiries and order inquiries to our colleagues in Customer Service. They can be reached at and they will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your book orders.

The complete information for ordering books via email can be found here.


2. QUESTION: Do you any vacancies in your stores? Can I work part-time in your stores?

ANSWER: We don’t always have vacancies in our stores but we’re always happy to accept your CV and resume for evaluation. Please send your applications to and they will pass your letters on to the Human Resource Department.

However, we do not accept part-timers and only accept candidates for full-time employees.


3. QUESTION: When will you open a store in Surabaya/Medan/Bali/other Indonesian cities outside Jakarta?

ANSWER: We are happy to hear that there are customers from outside Jakarta that are interested in Kinokuniya and we’re always excited to hear from them. However, as of June 2011, we still have no plans to open a new store outside Jakarta. Opening and running a bookstore like Kinokuniya is not an easy process; it is something that we must consider and think about very seriously in order to provide you with the standards expected of an international bookstore. This is why, for the time being, we regret to say that we will continue to solely focus on our existing stores in Jakarta, Indonesia. But don’t lose hope – Kinokuniya might be coming to your city in Indonesian in the future!


4. QUESTION: How can I search for books through this website? Why can’t I search for books in this website?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, you can’t search for books through this website because this is a blog-based information site where we publish our news and events information. This is not an online shopping/browsing website where we list our book collection. If you want to order a specific book, please contact If you want to browse our partial collection online, visit this website. For updates of our special events and programs, bookmark our blog or follow us on Twitter.


5. QUESTION: I’m the author of this book. I’d like to sell it in Kinokuniya. Can I send the book directly to you so you can sell it at your store?

ANSWER: Kinokuniya Indonesia’s policy states that we only accept books/merchandises for sale that are offered to us by distribution companies. If you represent a distribution company, please send an email to If you do not represent a distribution company and/or if you’re the author of the books you want to sell, we strongly recommend that you send your books to a distribution company (e.g. Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Mizan, Erlangga, etc.) so they may offer the products to us.


NEW 6. QUESTION: This book has just been published in the US. Is it available now in Kinokuniya?

ANSWER: When a new book is published in the US or the UK, Kinokuniya Indonesia sometimes cannot display the book on the same day it is released. The reason for that mainly is because shipping books from any foreign country to Indonesia is a complex process that needs some time to sort out. Usually, a new book arrives within 2 weeks of its release date. However, it is also possible that – due to unforeseen circumstances – the book may arrive up to 4 weeks after the release. We’re sorry it can’t be any faster but please understand that the export/import regulations in Indonesia factors heavily in our shipment process and we always try our best to bring the books in as soon as possible.


NEW 7. QUESTION: Why do you have to put sticky barcodes/price stickers on the books?

ANSWER: First and foremost, we put our barcodes/price stickers on the book to avoid cheating. Believe it or not, there have been cases in the past where people took off the price sticker from a book or magazine with low price and stuck it onto another book/magazine with a higher price. In those cases, the unsticking-sticking of the barcode was quite easy to do because they were placed on the plastic wrap of the book and not on the book itself. We love our customers and we trust them – however, we must take every precaution to avoid such incidences from occurring again.

If you have a problem with taking off the barcode from a book, please ask Customer Service to take them off for you. Please be reminded that taking off the barcode from a magazine may damage the cover; this is why we put the barcode of our magazines at the back.


If you still have further questions and inquiries, please send us an email at Our CS staff will forward whatever emails to the appropriate departments and they will try to respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!


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